5 Acid Rain Effects That Will Surprise You

5 Acid Rain Effects That Will Surprise You
  • Acid rain effects forests, freshwater, and soil, killing insects and aquatic life forms, as well as causing damage to buildings, plant. animal and insect life and through indirect trickledown, increased Acid rain effects on humans.
  • Acid rain effects are believed to cause trees to grow more slowly or even die. When it falls on a forest, it runs through the leaves of the trees and runs to the ground. Some of them find their way to streams and then to river and lakes, thus affecting their creatures.
  • On the other hand, Acid rain effects trees by dissolving and washing nutrients and minerals from the soil that help them grow. It is the main causes of the release of harmful substances such as aluminum to the ground. Somewhere, acid rain wears away the protective wax coating on the leaves, damaging them and preventing them from photosynthesis properly.
  • Acid rain effects biodiversity in lakes and river water. Both the lower pH and the higher concentration of aluminum in surface water that occurs as a result of acid rain can cause harm to fish and other aquatic animals. At pHs below 5, most fish eggs do not hatch, and lower pHs can kill adult fish. As lakes become more acidic, biodiversity decreases. Acid rain has killed insects and some species of fish.
  • A common effect of acid rain can be seen on old tombstones where acid rain can render the inscription completely illegible. Acid rain also causes a higher rate of iron oxidation. Visibility is also reduced by sulfate and nitrate in the atmosphere.

Soil biology can be seriously damaged by acid rain

Acid rain can penetrate harmful metals like aluminum and mercury from the soil.



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