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4 min readNov 26, 2019

Pause for a moment and consider your life, be it making a trip to work or sitting in front of the TV for excitement or in any event, practicing for a fitter body all are done with the assistance of innovation. Lets talk about technology, and how technology is making us lazy. Humans began utilizing innovation to improve the way of life, but now living without devices appears to be impossible. Even though innovation has helped in the quick advancement of each country, it has additionally made individuals stupid and lazy. As indicated by reports, change has made individuals less useful and prompted different infections like rest issues and stress.

Innovation is refreshing and changing each day, and individuals are running behind it to get the most recent form, yet we neglect to investigate their detriments. Along these lines, how about we investigate various parts of innovation which are making us very sluggish and moronic.

7. Diminishes retention control

Do you consistently overlook important data or miss out on a date? At that point, reconsider it is because of using technology a lot. People rely upon the innovation by keeping updates and making notes of vital things on tablets, mobiles, and workstations; however, they neglect to keep records in their minds. So because of that, our mind doesn’t work as it’s supposed to be. So we need to stop relying on technology and try to use our brains. Because without it, we wouldn’t have made it here. Technology has made us lazy by keeping us dependent.

6.Wasting your time

The web is being used every minute of every day by individuals for work, and in any event, for entertainment purposes at the same time, these days, utilization of social media at office working hours leads to a waste of time and resources.

Because of this, numerous associations have restricted the utilization of these interpersonal interaction locales at work hours. As per ongoing looks into, researchers have discovered that these systems administration destinations lead to increment in uneasiness levels. The accessibility of person to person communication locales on mobiles and tablets have even aggravated the issue. So the solution here is to stop using social media so often, try and do something else. Go outside and talk with friends instead of chatting with them on the internet. Or take a walk, do some exercises, take yoga classes.

5. Sleeping issue and Depression

The using of innovation upsets the sleeping schedule of individuals. Individuals take resting pills for a good night’s sleep but don’t give up on using their mobiles. So according to a few types of research, the use of cell phones has a significant result in depression. Spending your energy and time to technology rather than going and meeting with someone in real life also causes depression and loneliness. So to fix this, we need to get rid of them and also stop suing them like 3 to 4 hours before sleeping. Because an individual needs at least 8 hours to get great sleep and to b productive the next day.

4. Uncertainty

Gadgets are keeping us connected, what if it gets unavailable for a day? A person who can’t live without it will start being agitated and insecure. These types of people are less focused on the real world. And because of this, they will get anxious and depressed. So to save these people, the practical solution here is to go talk with your close friend, talk about how you can’t get away from your phone. Or in the end, if everything fails, go to a doctor.

3. Fear of taking risk

People are afraid of taking new opportunities and prefer a safe path. This is also because of using a lot of technology. Technology made us so comfortable by getting a lot of things done for us. So people are just going for the safer way and remember this; without risk, there is no wat to have significant success in life. So sometimes if you have an opportunity, try and take a chance don’t be afraid sometimes you will be rewarded a lot.

2. Absence of fixation

Because of technology, people can’t focus on education and school. They are all the time on their phone and find it more entertaining to play a game on the phone than to read a book. So to stop these, the parents need to remove their phone at a young age and tell them that studying is more important. Technology has definitely changed our lives but a fixation on it may prove to hinder us.

1. Addiction, how technology is making us lazy

This addiction has been going for a long time. People are addicted to phones and can’t leave them. They spend half of their life on the web and miss their chance of having a good time with friends. So this needs to stop. So start doing a change in your life.

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