Winred and Meet the POTUS Donald Trump Campaign Advertisement

Meet The President Sweepstakes or Meet The POTUS Contest

  • Select 50 individuals at random from the total pool on July 6th, 2020
  • Sponsor (Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.) may (probably will) conduct a background check on picked candidates. In their terms, the Sponsor has the “sole discretion”.
  • The Sponsor will screen the 50 individuals and select those who have passed the background check for the safety and security, and potential disruption of the event. (This has us wonder if #BLM protesters or supporters fall under this, but read further!)
  • The Sponsor will then select a winner from this group “on the basis of criteria determined and applied by Sponsor to provide for an appropriate range of views, backgrounds, and interests”. Like our last point, we wonder where that line of views, backgrounds and interests is drawn.
  • The chosen winner will then be notified “by phone or e-mail no later than July 13, 2020”
  • Winners will then notify the Sponsor of their guest, and a subsequent background check is done on them.
  • “Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any potential guest in Sponsor’s sole discretion.”
  • Inquires and official announcements for the name of the winner will be available August 5th, 2020.



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